My Story

I started my business in May 2010!  I first heard about Scentsy through my sister, who I'm eternally grateful too.  She gave me a Nightlight and wax bar for a gift.  I was so impressed with how the aroma filled my house that I immediately fell in love with Scentsy.  I am a stay at home mom with 4 children.  I homeschool my youngest 2 and the oldest go to Public School, their ages are 18, 16, 11, & 10.  This business has truly become a business for my entire family.  My husband and children help me in this business.

You might be looking for something to bring extra income into your home.  Without a doubt, Scentsy can do it.  My goal was to pay our house payment each month.  Since my second month selling Scenty, we have been able to make the house payment with Scentsy!  Praise the Lord!

Please let me share with you the blessing that Scentsy has been to my families life.

$99 Changed my Life!  Why not let it change yours?  919.820.2202  Call me!  I love to talk about Scentsy!